XL METAL MECH is a global business dedicated to achieving excellence in customer satisfaction by providing superior quality and value in a wide range of products and services that improve targeted brass products processes.

Customer Satisfaction and Quality

The people of XL METAL MECH, together with our alliance partners and suppliers, are committed to maximizing internal and external customer satisfaction through the timely delivery of products and services that consistently meet or exceed all expectations, as well as legal, safety, environmental, regulatory and other relevant requirements.

To achieve this commitment, we will:

Make it our priority to know our customers and their operations thoroughly, as well as their individual needs and desires, through ongoing open communication.

Provide timely, accurate design services and value-added solutions customized to meet the specific needs of each customer.

Deliver effective technical solutions to our customers through an easily accessible and responsive customer service network.

Promote an organizational culture of innovation by continually evaluating and improving our products, processes and systems, thereby enhancing the value provided to our customers.

Ensure that our Quality Policy and Mission Statement is communicated, understood and adhered to at all levels of the organization through an ongoing program of training, education and reinforcement.

Xl metal mech strives to foster a culture that promotes an awareness of our customers' needs and perspectives and recognizes the importance of each employee's commitment to quality and the successful achievement of the organization's goals.